Thursday, March 15, 2007

Little Jokes from Little Souls

Here are some jokes that I hear often from two special little boys that are in my class. I think they are rather cute, and funny. Just imagine a five or six year old telling them! One of these boys is so cute and funny that he claimed read the joke from out of the news paper. He actually can read, which is amazing. I completely believe him!

Q: What is the difference between a fish and a piano?

A: You can tune a piano, but you can't tune a fish.

Q: Where do Penguins Point?

A: Penguin Point!

Q: What do you call a viking's wife?

A: A Va- Queen!

Q: What's the difference between the law and some ice?

A: One is justice and one is just ice. ( He read this one in the newspaper)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hatred Response

I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him.

-Booker T. Washington

Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring Break

This last week I was on spring break! Yet, I did not go anywhere spectacular such as South America, Hawaii, or Florida. Actually I didn't even leave the county, but it wasn't so bad. I took the week off of work, and helped my Mom move into her new home. Then I went and cleaned the house my family is selling. I have not cleaned and worked that hard in a long time! After that I painted my Mom's house a wonderful sage green. I was able to have great conversations with my brother and Mom while working, which was the best part. Even though I didn't get to lay in the sun on the beach, the break was fulfilling.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Last night I was sitting on the couch, and I heard my roommate coming up the stairs. Right at that moment I started watching my dog's reaction. My dog, Lady started profusely wagging her tail until her body was shaking. She just couldn't wait for Melody! I thought it was so funny I couldn't stop laughing. The ironic thing is that Melody absolutely hates Lady. Yet, I think the more she hates her the more Lady likes Melody. Maybe Lady has decided to become the first dog Melody will like. Secretly, I just don't understand why there is this deep seeded hate toward Lady? Yea, so Lady likes to get into the garbage, and other various things; then tear it up into pieces all over the apartment. Wouldn't you if you were a dog?

Well I love my big hairy black dog. She is absolutely beautiful! Lady loves her two big fluffy beds. When people are around or go by she gets very excited, almost a little to much. However, she does not like other dogs. Probably because she thinks she is the queen, and the only one that deserves all the attention. Now she is even more beautiful smelling, because she went to the groomers. She smells like coconut now!! Well now you know a little bit about my Lady bug.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Why is the world so consumed with itself? When I think about past circumstances, I have found that people are generally not willing to stretch themselves out for their fellow man, and especially, during times of hardship, hurt, and trials. There is this expectance for the hurting to come to them, instead realizing these people are hurting. They are not in the position to come to another, but instead want another to come to them. Yet, I know that humanity is imperfect, and will say, “Keep me posted,” or “Don’t hesitate to call me” because they do not know how to deal and approach different sensitive situations. However, humanity cannot be relied upon for the comfort truly needed, instead God is the only one that can truly be relied upon. We can relay on God, because there is always going to be someone disappointing or hurting us, that’s life.

Yet, I continually ask myself could we change, and is there something in our society that has made us more insensitive to others needs? Is it our fast paced lives, or what about our extremely individualistic society?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wow, you 41% woowoo!

This level of woowooness is actually the most popular level. You're right in the middle; you believe in some things, but you don't get carried away.

How Woowoo Are You?
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I thought this was kind of amusing. So how Woowoo, are you?


BOSTON - In nine cities across the country, blinking electronic signs displaying a profane, boxy-looking cartoon character caused barely a stir.

But in Boston, the signs — some with protruding wires — sent a wave of panic across the city, bringing out bomb squads and prompting officials to shut down highways, bridges and part of the Charles River.

Something that may have been amusing in other cities was not funny to authorities here, the city that served as the base for the hijackers who carried out the Sept. 11 attacks. Officials defended their reaction Thursday even as two men charged in the case, and some residents, mocked the response as overblown.Young Bostonians familiar with the unconventional marketing tactics used by many companies tended to see the city’s reaction as unmitigated hysteria.

Tracy O’Connor, 34, a retail manager, called the police response “silly and insane,” contrasting it with that in other cities where no one reported concerns about the devices — an advertising gimmick for the Cartoon Network show “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.”

“We’re the laughingstock,” she said.

Public safety officials and a large segment of Boston’s older generation condemned the publicity campaign as unthinkable in today’s post-9/11 world.

Official defends reaction
“Just a little over a mile away from the placement of the first device, a group of terrorists boarded airplanes and launched an attack on New York City,” police Commissioner Edward Davis said in an interview with The Associated Press.

“The city clearly did not overreact. Had we taken any other steps, we would have been endangering the public,” he said.

Davis said that as calls were coming in about the electronic signs in rapid succession Wednesday afternoon, police also received reports of two devices that resembled pipe bombs and had a confirmed report of a man walking down the hallways of New England Medical Center making a rambling speech about “God getting us today” and “This would be a sorry day.”

Davis, who took his job in December, said he didn’t know of any calls coming in to the Boston 911 line.

Officials found 38 blinking electronic signs on bridges, a subway station, a hospital, Fenway Park and other high-profile spots in and around the city.

In New York, officers went to the various locations and found only two of the devices — both attached to a highway overpass. Police said it did not appear any landmarks such as the subway, Empire State Building or Brooklyn Bridge were targeted.

“People can be smug and say all you have to do is look at this and know this is not an explosive device, but the truth of the matter is that you can’t tell what it is until it’s disrupted,” Davis said.

Officials have vowed to hold responsible Turner Broadcasting Inc., the parent company of the Cartoon Network, which airs the series about a talking milkshake, a box of fries and a meatball.

Two men who authorities say were paid to place the devices around the city pleaded not guilty Thursday to placing a hoax device and disorderly conduct. Peter Berdovsky, 27, and Sean Stevens, 28, were released on $2,500 cash bond — apparently amused by the situation, even though they face up to five years in prison.

They met reporters and TV cameras and launched into a nonsensical discussion of hairstyles of the 1970s. As they walked off, Berdovsky gave a more serious comment.

“We need some time to really sort things out and, you know, figure out our response to this situation in other ways than talking about hair,” Berdovsky said.

No concern in other cities
The devices didn’t prompt calls of concern in any of the nine other cities where Turner said the devices were placed. Police in the other cities fanned out to find and remove them after Boston’s scare.

Some enterprising people got to the devices before police: At least seven were for sale Thursday afternoon on the Internet auction site eBay, ranging in price from $500 to $2,100.

Most of Boston’s colleagues in law enforcement in the other cities chose their words carefully.
“I wouldn’t want to give my opinion, but in today’s world it’s better safe than sorry. Someone (in Boston) clearly thought there was a threat,” Atlanta police Officer Joe Cobb said.

In the Seattle area, authorities thought the devices were “obviously not suspicious.”

“In this day and age, whenever anything remotely suspicious shows up, people get concerned — and that’s good,” King County sheriff’s Sgt. John Urquhart said. “However, people don’t need to be concerned about this. These are cartoon characters giving the finger.”

Tobe Berkowitz, an advertising professor at Boston University, said it’s easy to understand why there is a generational gap between the way the target audience for the promotional campaign reacted and the way older Bostonians reacted.

“For people who are hip and live in the world of blogs and all sorts of cool alternative media, it’s one thing,” he said. “But for the rest of us ... they don’t get it as a marketing or a clever event, they see it as a huge disruption of their lives.”

Publicity stunt approved by Cartoon Network
The publicity campaign was conceived by the Adult Swim marketing department and approved by the head of the Cartoon Network, Turner spokeswoman Shirley Powell said Thursday. She said the devices had been up for two weeks around the country and the network had not received any calls about them.

“We were simply promoting a TV show,” she said. “If we had ever perceived this to be something threatening safety, we would never have proceeded with it.”

The network told the marketing company to decide where the devices should be placed, with the mandate they should be in places likely to be seen by young men. Adult Swim’s target audience is men aged 18 to 24.

The marketing company that placed the signs, Interference Inc. of New York City, did not return calls seeking comment and its offices were closed Thursday.

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This is the vidoe of the two men giving their "statement", and it is really hilarious.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Resting Ground

Resting Ground

When all seems lost, and far away as the sky.
I know my Father in heaven will be close by my side.
The depths of his presence goes beyond the oceans deep.
Within my soul there is a peaceful home,
And his mercy is my everlasting joy.
That becomes a resting ground,
from a world that is lost and far away.

I wrote this on a cold winter night. The bright white snow and deep clear sky reminded me of God's power, which is shown through his creation. This power was comforting, and I could feel his loving presence. It was a reminder to myself that I need to stop, take a breath and enjoy the world around me.